The Pack 95,000 Words, Single Title

Sage Pratt is a rising star in the Portland design scene with a charming home and successful boyfriend, and it seems wedding bells might finally be on the horizon (much to her mother’s approval). When Sage learns of her boyfriend’s duplicitous betrayal she turns to her best friends who’ve been together since high school. Self-dubbed “the Aphrodites”, in honor of the goddess of love and sensuality, Sage and her friends have a history of taking revenge on their ex’s through creative means meant to teach them a lesson for the hurt they’ve inflicted. This time however things go a step too far when one of the girls places an anonymous obituary for Sage’s ex, the cheating “Scum Sucking Pig Dog”, who happens to have a seat on the board for a project which could not only make or break Sage’s career, but help ensure her financial well-being and her ability to care for her father who is losing his battle with dementia. 

It’s taken Lucas Ford years to get over his first love who left him heartbroken and bald days before high school graduation. Now a well-known author Lucas plans to get his own revenge by writing a tell-all on the Aphrodite’s and to once and for all expose the mean-girls’ hurtful (and occasionally criminal) exploits. Commissioning Sage for special design project as a cover to get closer to her and her friends Lucas is surprised to realize that the sexual-tension they felt in high school is all grown up and hotter than ever. What he doesn’t expect is to find signs of not only compassion but remorse buried within Sage, desperate to get out.

When Sage learns of Lucas’s plans to publish his expose the two must decide if they can forgive past wrongs and find trust in a future together.